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Eric Scott Colvin is bright, energetic and has a keen grasp of all issues facing St. Mary’s County. His Democratic opponent, Timothy Ridgell, has years serving the community on the front lines in the fire department but has steadfastly refused to participate in any debates/forums and quite frankly we don’t know what he stands for.  The independent candidate in this race, Roy Alvey, is not as knowledgeable as Mr. Colvin is regarding the issues St. Mary’s County faces. WE ENDORSE ERIC SCOTT COLVIN. — The Baynet

I strongly endorse Eric Colvin for County Commissioner.  I have known Eric for several years primarily at Church as we worked together on committees and projects. He is a hard worker, very honest and concerned for others.  He has a bachelor and master degrees in business management which will be very helpful as a County Commissioner.

— Ed Laney, Former CO NAS PAX 1974-1976

As someone active in local transportation issues, I am glad to see that Mr. Colvin recognizes the need for additional STA bus service in the County. There are a great many people who cannot, ought not to, or prefer not to drive, and this service is a lifeline for such people. In the questionnaire submitted to the candidates by the newspaper, Mr. Colvin was the only person to mention this. — Scott Anderson

The St. Mary's County Fraternal Order of Police endorses Eric Colvin for County Commissioner for District 1.

— Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #7

"We are pleased to officially announce our endorsement and wish you the best of luck."

— Southern Maryland Association of Realtors

The Education Association of St. Mary's County endorses Eric Colvin for County Commissioner for District 1. 

— Education Association of St. Mary's County

Colvin has a strong background in the defense contractor community, particularly financial analysis, and has served on the county's disabled person's commission as an advocate for their needs.

In this race The County Times endorses Eric Colvin as the best choice to represent District 1 and serve the interests of the county.

He has a firm grasp of many of the issues facing the county and seems willing to have deep discussions about policy and their ramifications for the future.


— The County Times 6-14-2018

I am supporting Eric Colvin. I too am a fiscal conservative and am concerned about having a healthy environment. By applying modern technology and conserving where it makes sense, we can all do well. I look forward to continue improving our air, land and water resources, all leading to more healtful living for us, our children and generatione to come. Mike Thompson Hollywood, MD — George M (Mike) Thompson

I have known Eric for about 5 years now and I am impressed with his leadership skills. I have lived in this county my whole life and have been a community servent since I was 16 years old. I have been a member of Bay District VFD since 1984. I understand what is means to serve the community and I believe Eric is ready and has the skills to be an effective county commissioner. — Mike Stanley

The Sierra Club of Maryland endorses Eric Colvin for St. Mary's County Commissioner, District 1.

— Sierra Club of Maryland

Authority: Voters for Eric Colvin
Nick Colvin, Treasurer
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