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Smart Growth and Strategic Planning – St. Mary’s County is one of the fastest growing counties in the state of Maryland. With our beautiful waterfront, great jobs, and wonderful people, this is understandable. We need to be smart about building the right infrastructure for this growth and we need to be strategic about planning for the future. Inaction will only create more problems, as anyone commuting home on route 235 knows!

Protecting our Heritage – St. Mary’s County has a rich heritage that should inspire pride in those who live here. As the first colony in Maryland, we were the birthplace of religious freedom in America and we have the oldest recorded Sheriff's Office in the entire country!

Our county has literally helped feed the nation. The Chesapeake Bay provides 50% of the blue crabs harvested in the United States—our watermen work hard jobs to feed their families. We have some amazing farmers in St. Mary’s County—the highlight of my summer is when I can get a fresh local peach, some sweet corn and a watermelon. If you haven’t been to one of the local farmer’s markets, check them out, you won’t be disappointed. We need to protect this valuable heritage that we have. Support our watermen and farmers. Buy local, eat local.

Safeguarding our Future – We are a blessed county—we have amazing schools and extraordinary jobs. Our public-school system does a terrific job despite being one of the lowest funded per pupil in the state. That means our teachers work hard and deliver exceptional results! We have incredible higher education opportunities between the College of Southern Maryland, St. Mary’s College, and the Higher Ed Center. Making the most of educational opportunities is critical to safeguarding our future.

Additionally, our county’s future is tied hand in hand with the naval base. The Base is the key growth driver for our community and its future in St. Mary’s County cannot be jeopardized. We have to continue to work hand in hand with the military to ensure the base’s success, thereby ensuring the success of our community. At the same time, we must continually push for diversification of our economy—local businesses must be encouraged and supported. 

Authority: Voters for Eric Colvin
Nick Colvin, Treasurer
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