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How You Can Help


1)  Vote.

This is the most important thing you can do to support me. The Republican Primary is June 26, 2018 and the General Election is November 6, 2018.


2)  Tell friends/family/coworkers.

Please share your support of me to everyone in your circles. Word of mouth is critical to the success of this campaign.


3)  Maintain civility.

Our nation is in the midst of a very contentious period of politics, but we can make a difference and maintain civility. Be polite to those who don’t agree with you. If we all agreed on every issue, this world would be a boring place indeed.


4)  Yard sign (or larger sign).

If you would like a yard sign in the future or know of a great place for a larger sign, please let us know!


5) Volunteer.

All help is appreciated!


6) Contribute financially.

There is no expectation for anyone to donate money to my campaign, but if you would like to contribute, then all donations will be appreciated!


Fill out the Contact Page and let me know how you'd like to be involved!

Authority: Voters for Eric Colvin
Nick Colvin, Treasurer
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