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Campaign Philosophy

1)  Family comes first.

The goal of every campaign is to give the voters a chance to get to know the candidate so that they can make an informed decision. I apologize up front that I will not be able to make every event or shake every hand. With a baby coming in December my time will be parceled out between diaper changes and, in the end, family comes first.

2)  Will not ask for money.

Modern politics has become an expensive business and campaigns use a lot of money. There is too much money wasted in the political system. Though it may impact my ability to reach potential voters, I am vowing to never ask for money during the campaign. If you would like to contribute to my campaign, I will accept the donation and use the money to the best of my ability, but I will not ask or expect anyone to donate to me.

3)  Honest and up front.

I don’t know everything. I will tell you my beliefs and answer any questions to the best of my ability, but I won’t be able to answer everything. I will be honest and up front throughout this entire process, just as would be expected in the rest of life.

4)  Campaigning for a seat, not against a person.

I am campaigning to be the Commissioner for the 1st Commissioner District of St. Mary’s County. In doing that I will share my qualifications, vision, and excitement for the job. I am not campaigning to beat any opponents. The focus of my campaign is to inform the voters of who I am to better allow them to make an educated decision.

Authority: Voters for Eric Colvin
Nick Colvin, Treasurer
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